b. 1986, HK.

Janv 2019 @ Christophe Ena #NaturesIntimes #exhibition

Janv 2019 @ Christophe Ena #NaturesIntimes #exhibition

Artist Residencies

Foundation Obras, Evoramonte (Oct 2019)

Foundation Obras, Evoramonte Portugal (Oct 2018)

Buinho, Messejana Portugal (Sept 2018)


. Saint-Céneri le Gérei |Aug 2020, Auberge des Peintres

. Montfort L’Amaury | Feb 6 - March 1, 2020

Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei Fr| 8, 9 et 10 juin 2019 Rencontre des Peintres
Ville d’Avray, Fr | Jan 29 - Feb 23, 2019 MPTVA (Solo exhibition)

Zaandam | May 2018, ArtZaandstad 2018 "Twenty Already" series

Amsterdam | June 2017,  "Suspended Time" Exhibition

Utrecht | June 2016,  "Brittany" Ernesto group Exhibition

La Perriere, Normandy | May 2016, 2-day art market

Amsterdam | Feb 2016, "Art for Refugees" at Cloud Art Coffee 


Nathalie Magniez has always been fascinated by Nature, People and Memory.

She experiments with surreal juxtapositions of places, people, scenes that could occur in her imagination with the intricate patterns nature offers.

She called her last series, “The Space Between”, because she felt to be on a crossroad in her artistic career. She explores the space between Past, Present and Future, between the visible and unseen, between figuration and abstractions, between being a daughter and a mother. “The Space Between” portrays the spacetime interval and distance between events in a Human and Earth life and its consequences (awareness of the passage, transmission and heritage).

In her series “Suspended Time”, Nathalie Magniez pays tribute to Maurice, her dad, who suffered from Alzheimer. She addresses themes of memory, growing old and disappearing. She depicted her father’s decaying mind and body brought light to precious last times spent with him. The delicate way in which she staged her works shows her endless love and respect towards her dad. She found a way to keep him graceful even in his hardest times. She found beauty where others saw pain. 

With the series “Twenty Already” Nathalie Magniez analyses youth and the toughness of appearing in the modern society. She digs into the subject of modern society and its declines most notably; such as environmental issues and individualism. Vanille, her 20 year-old daughter, is her model.

Nathalie Magniez shows her fascination to the rhythm of seasons in her series “NATURE AS MUSE”, A hymn to nature and to its beauty. "Nature as Muse" also portrays the landscapes of her mind in a more abstract way.

Nathalie Magniez was born in Paris and now lives in Amsterdam.

Suspended Time exhibition video © nathalie magniez 2017